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Article: The Hillary

The Hillary

The Hillary

As a woman who worked in college athletics, the struggle to find the right pants was all too real. The choice was often between uncomfortable khaki pants or too-casual leggings. This pushed me to think out of the box and come up with something versatile, chic, and functional. Thus, The Alex, our innovative jogger pant, was born. However, understanding the varied needs and preferences of women, we went a step further with our offering: introducing The Hillary – a chic tapered pant that’s changing the game.

The Birth of The Hillary: Why Tapered?

When we launched The Alex, its jogger design with ankle cuffs became a significant hit. But not all women fancy the cuff around the ankle. Some desire a sleeker look, while others, especially our taller customers, didn’t want the joggers appearing like capris. Keeping this feedback in mind, I felt compelled to craft a version that offers the comfort of The Alex, minus the ankle cuff. Enter, The Hillary.

Design Nuances of The Hillary

The Hillary is not just any tapered pant. While retaining the no-button, no-belt loops, no-drawstring, and no-elastic philosophy of its predecessor, The Hillary distinguishes itself in its detailing:

  • Tapered Leg with a Slit: The signature tapered design culminates in a delicate slit at the ankle, giving it a unique touch. This slit not only adds an element of sophistication but also makes The Hillary a tad dressier, suitable for both professional settings and after-hours events.
  • Pockets: Much like The Alex, pockets were non-negotiable. Women need pockets that are functional, and The Hillary doesn’t skimp on that.
  • Premium Fabric: With over 400 fabrics tested for The Alex, we didn’t compromise on the quality for The Hillary either. Crafted with the same commitment to premium fabric, The Hillary ensures durability, breathability, and effortless movement.

Where to Where The Hillary

Given its versatile design, this tapered pant can be worn:

  • At Work: The sleek design pairs well with formal tops, making it ideal for professional settings.
  • Evenings Out: Whether it’s a dinner, a party, or just drinks with friends, The Hilary stands out.
  • Casual Days: From running errands to lounging at home, it’s designed for comfort throughout.
  • Outdoor Activities: Given its breathable fabric, it’s perfect for hiking or walking when the weather allows.

In conclusion, The Hillary isn’t just a response to a trend. It’s an understanding of women’s diverse needs, an evolution from The Alex, and a commitment to delivering quality. So, if you’re in the market for a new tapered pant that blends style, comfort, and functionality, The Hillary is your answer.

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